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Over the last 35 years I have dedicated my time in the arts and I now specialise in mural wall paintings and replication of antiques and masters of all types and sizes.


I am familiar to working in hotels, palaces, restaurants, bars, night-clubs and private mansions and have travelled between Paris, London and South of Spain regularly for projects.


I started with a  Diploma in "E.N.S.B.A" (E'cole Nationale Supezieure des Beaux Arts de Paris) and then moved on to doing my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts University Paris.


After completing my Masters Degree in Fine Arts and History of Art I started work in French Television (SFP) for 3 years as an Artist-Decorator for cyclo-panoramics.


I then worked for 4 years as a stage designer in Club Med in charge of design and decoration for the shows and musicals.


Over the last 24 years I have been dedicated to painted decorations such as murals, fake finishing’s (marble, wood and stone etc), copies of antiques and masters of any size, painted furniture etc.


I have also painted decorations for many types of merry-go-rounds and roller coasters and worked in the Theatre production “Featival du Marais” (Paris) as a stage-desginer.